Our Mission

What do we stand for?

How things got started

On a cold winter day in January 2009, Bram van der Veer launched his first price comparison website from his bedroom in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. This proved successful pretty quickly, so in the next couple of years a lot of other comparison websites were launched with help of Microsoft Frontpage and Ws_FTP. 

A few years later the name REBEL Internet BV was adopted and an office in the centre of Amsterdam was opened. From there REBEL Internet has grown into a company with 12+ employees, with digital projecs aiming to help business owners across different platforms with ranking their projects, services or video online.

Nowadays, REBEL Internet focuses on the following fields:

Marketplace SEO

Video platform SEO

Web Traffic Services

Why we don't call ourselves a startup

Some would call us a startup, or a collection of startups (a so called startup studio). Besides being active since 2008, there are other reason why we think we should not be labeled a startup:

  • We have never received external funding

  • Though we grow fast, we focus on quality over quantity

  • We don't do stand-ups and don't pingpong. We are a remote only company

  • We lack the startup mentality in the sense that we leave the office at normal hours. We work smart instead of long

  • We stay away from big ego’s and world changing visions while explaining what we do

What we are

We are a down-to-earth team of experts focused on execution. We help small and medium-sized business owners compete with the big business which dominate marketplaces and with the big platforms itself.

We're based in the beautiful Beurs van Berlage in the center of Amsterdam, but our team is spread all across the globe. as we are a remote company. 

No-nonsense, Down to earth & Remote.

Our Vision

All online business owners should be able to become visible on the giant marketplaces and platforms we are so relient upon. We feel nobody should be ignored or hidden, and everybody should receive a fair chance at making it.

Therefore we help clients big and small improving their rankings on platforms and marketplaces, where they would usually not be able to. We are a unique company with an unique offering, as not one other company is offering the services like we are doing. We strive to become the leading marketplace & platform SEO agency on all 100m+ international marketplaces.