Social Responsibility


Besides providing ranking services, we believe it’s important to make our contribution to improve society. 

We try to do our part by supporting several charities across the globe. We’ve chosen those based on the aims they support and because we believe they deserve a little extra help. We are aware of our privileged position in society. Not everyone has had the fortunate position to be healthy and to live in a wealthy country like most of us do.

  • Each year, we donate some money to charities in the Netherlands and abroad. Are you running a charity which is suited to be supported by us? Let us know and we’ll contact you as soon as possible!
  • We support local bloggers in and outside the Netherlands by sponsoring them, by organising competitions or by helping them in another way.
  • We’ve been offering scholarships in the Netherlands and abroad to give students a chance to study in ways that normally would not be possible for them.

Some of the charities we have supported throughout the years: